SOUP: The State of UX in the Philippines

SOUP: The State of UX in the Philippines 2021

The UX landscape in the Philippines is broadening its scope each year. The earliest UX’ers in our country began their march almost a decade ago. Since then, technological innovations and cultural paradigms both globally and locally, have called for a deeper understanding of the UX practice. In this report, we aim to capture a holistic picture of the growing UX practice in the Philippines, reveal insightful data, and share a compendium of handy information about the UX design practice in the Philippines. An example of this is the growing and evolving field of UX, the journey of UX practitioners in the Philippines, and a common understanding of what UX is as well as how it is further defined in our country. This report includes high-level findings from our study. The UXPH Research team aims to publish succeeding articles and tackle specific topics more in-depth in future studies.

More details can be found in the project publication.