STHCIUX - Human Computer Interactions

Undergraduate course, DLSU CCS ST, 2023

STHCIUX-Human Computer Interactions

Course Coverage

This course introduces the fundamentals of human-computer interaction and human-centered design from research and product design perspectives. As an interdisciplinary field within computer science, HCI integrates theories, principles, and methodologies from engineering, cognitive psychology, social sciences, design, and many other fields. Students will learn principles and guidelines for usability, quantitative and qualitative research methods, and several techniques in designing and evaluating interfaces that support and enrich human activities. Cultural, social, organizational, cognitive, and perceptual factors that guide design decisions will be discussed.

Students will work on team projects following a human-centered design process which involves understanding users’ needs, brainstorming, sketching, making design tradeoffs, exploring design alternatives, communicating and critiquing designs, prototyping, usability testing, and reflecting on these activities. More than anything, we will do interaction design, and students will be interaction designers. We will develop your ability to envision the design of technologies that do not yet exist but, if realized, will produce net benefits for the people involved and affected. Students will also be exposed to current research in HCI, covering a breadth of topics and a range of issues addressed in the field.

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